Gamepads and Aster It is work?

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Gamepads and Aster It is work?

Postby Andrew162 » Thursday 29 Sep 2016, 22:43

In my IDEA best for connect Gamepads is
1) Restart Your computer (sometime disable Aster)
2) WORK only on your or my tested games /settings
3) Open your Aster Control and set your gamepads (HID Devices) to workstation
4) Make sure all is connected and gamapeds are "online"
5) When you Run a game and gamepad dont work..dont fast :)
5.1) go to settings of your game and check what controler he use
5.2) Check Aster Control do your gamepad is on the good place/workstation
5.3) Close the game connect gamepad again set it in Aster control and try again

6) I do my settings FIRST Time in about 2 min... so its not bad score. im sure when you know what step need be first for perfect settings/connect
its will be wery easy to USE Aster with gamepads
7) And now enjoy video and see how its work...or not? :)

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